Let It Snow

It’s more than just a chill in the air. You can feel the excitement, of students whispering excitedly of classes being cancelled, the anticipation of the next day spent watching Netflix in bed or building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. The amount of grocery bags double as people begin stocking up on food to last them for the next couple of days.

Everyone’s waiting. Waiting for the snow to truly begin falling, for the day to end, for the morning to come and the world to be blanketed in a sea of white. Being from California, I’ve never experienced a true blizzard, and I’m more than just a little excited. After all, what good is living on the east coast if you don’t encounter a little snow?


Winter Storm Juno, I’m ready for you. I’ve made a huge batch of slow-cooker turkey chili and have plenty of tea and hot chocolate to keep me warm.


Also, I was lucky enough that my Spoon University post (15 Foods to Eat When It’s Cold As Balls) got published just in time for the storm AND made its way onto USA Today (though they censored it to “15 Foods to Eat When It’s Bone-Chillingly Cold“)! Fate is good. And everyone can use a bit of warmth in their lives in preparation for this storm.